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Don’t Trash The Dress (Donate It)

Today’s brides have created a fad known as ‘trash the dress’. After their wedding the brides, and sometimes their grooms, put on their swanky wedding attire, grab a photographer and romp around enough to render their wedding garb trash. Enter my daughter Jessica. She accentuates the ‘i’ in individual. Never a follower. Always a leader.

Jessica made a post-wedding decision long before she said ‘yes’ to her gorgeous wedding dress. She decided to donate her dress to a charity called Brides Against Breast Cancer. Each gown that is donated is carefully prepared for a “Brides Against Breast CancerTM, Nationwide Tour of Gowns” sale. The proceeds of the sales enables Brides Against Breast Cancer to provide wellness and educational services to anyone affected by breast cancer. What an amazing idea!

Jessica was a gorgeous bride. When she put on her gown she positively glowed. Her wedding day was a true celebration of love. But as all brides can attest to, the day flies by and before you can say ‘honeymoon’ that beautiful gown is hanging in a closet waiting to be trashed or dry-cleaned and boxed for eternity. Jessica found a third alternative in “Brides Against Breast Cancer’ & me!

Instead of running straight to the dry cleaners and sending her gown off to BABC, Jessica and I came up with the idea of a “One More Time” photo shoot. She would put her dress on one more time then we drove around town stopping intermittently where she could pose in interesting places with unusual backgrounds. It was the most fun I’ve ever had with my camera!

The shoot was a great success. The dress is now at the dry cleaners. In a few weeks it will be for sale in the “Brides Against Breast CancerTM, Nationwide Tour of Gowns”. The gown should raise a lot of money for a great cause, thanks to Jessica!

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