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It is very hard to predict how any pet will behave during a photo shoot.  Especially when a strange photographer comes at you with a large camera sticking out of their face .  Handsome Mitzi was no exception to the rule of unpredictability.  He was sporting some ‘attitude’ in my direction!

This beautiful Ragdoll cat began the photo shoot by pacing around.  He’d shoot me that ‘who the heck are you’ glance and then continue pacing the floor.  He finally jumped up onto his favorite chair and continued to stare me down.  Although he settled down a bit he was still in a very camera-shy mood.  I  needed to get him to perk up.  So I grabbed a shoelace and began dancing it in front of his whiskers.  He came to life as if he were a toddler and I was holding a cherry-red lollipop.

I was into some tricky photography here.  I had the shoelace in one hand and the camera in the other.  I adjusted my camera settings once and started shooting away while Mitzi became preoccupied with the shoelace and ignored my presence.

I couldn’t get over how beautiful this animated cat was.  His silky, long hair offered up beautiful chocolate tones and his blue eyes would have given Frank Sinatra a run for his money.

I’ve never been much of a cat lover, but on this day Oliver stole my heart .. and my shoelace!


~ Joanne Henig Photography



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