Long Island Fine Art Portrait Photography

Long Island Portrait Photographer

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Portrait photography is a special art. As a portrait photographer, I have to capture not just a person’s face but his or her personality. When I take a portrait, I need to show not just what the person looks like but who that person is. All the technical aspects of photography like lighting, setting, etc. are subservient to the objective of evoking the person’s identity. I try to determine what message about the person I want the portrait to communicate and devise my photographic style from there. It may mean emphasizing one dominant, expressive feature of the subject like eyes or hands. It may dictate the angle, focus or composition of the portrait.

Portraits are about people. As a Long Island professional portrait photographer, I take pictures of the people of Long Island, and what a wide variety that is!

At Joanne Henig Photography, every portrait has to be a work of art. No two persons are ever alike. The pains, triumphs, hopes, disappointments and dreams leave their marks on a subject’s face. It is my job as a professional portrait photographer to show this. The breadth of the heritage of the Long Island population makes capturing the essence of a subject even more challenging for a Long Island portrait photographer. Ethnicity, social class, personality and even attitude are factors that I must take into consideration in the portrait because they are part and parcel of who that person is. Only then can I be sure that the portrait I’ve taken is really you.


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