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Family Holiday Portrait

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Family Holiday Portraits

Two challenges face the photographer when it comes to family holiday portraits. The first one is to capture the spirit of the holiday. The other is to blend in that holiday spirit with portraits of the persons themselves. It’s a fine line that a photographer has to walk to make sure that the photograph doesn’t just say “Thanksgiving” or “a family having fun together” but “a family having fun together on Thanksgiving”.

I’ve found that holiday settings are not always ideal for taking family holiday portraits. Rooms tend to be over-decorated or tables over-stuffed. After all, it is a holiday isn’t it? Holiday portraits taken outdoors bring their own constraints when the snow or the wind don’t cooperate and Mom’s hair won’t stay the way she wants it. I try to find key elements of the holiday in the decorations that will telegraph the occasion without overwhelming the people in the photograph.

The other element that needs special consideration is the family itself. A regular family portrait can be a handful, given the different personalities and eccentricities involved especially when little children and pets are part of the picture. Throw in the holiday spirit and this can make things really interesting (visually). In my career as a Long Island professional portrait photographer, taking family holiday portraits means getting in on the family’s fun, even if only for a moment. Taking time to know the different members of the family can make the portrait more human and real. This makes the photo session part of the celebration and not an interruption, and helps bring out the spontaneity and exuberance of the occasion.

I love my family and I enjoy our holidays together. I make sure that family holiday portraits by Joanne Henig Photography evoke the same kind of warmth and joy that I want to feel in my own family’s celebrations. As an award winning Long Island photographer, making my photographs part of a family’s holiday joy has been my most satisfying award.

Have a Happy and PEACEful Thanksgiving!

Joanne Henig