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Fun Photo Shoot Location on Long Island

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I’m always looking for new and exciting places to bring my clients for Long Island portraits and photo shoots.  Since the ‘natural light’ appointment book is usually pretty quiet during January, February & March, now is a great time for me to explore new places.

Long Island has so many wonderful parks and gardens that make for great backdrops to any portrait photo shoot.  But just when I think I’ve been to all the great ones I stumble upon a jewel in the heart of Long Island’s Gold Coast.

Let me introduce to you the Nassau County Art Museum located just off Northern Boulevard, Route 25A, two traffic lights west of Glen Cove Road in Roslyn Harbor on what was the Frick Estate.  The 145 acre nature preserve is a gorgeous property now dotted with oversized sculptures, carved with long, meandering walkways and trails and home to its original three-story Georgian mansion that is now the Arnold & Joan Saltzman Fine Art Building, the museum’s main building.

When I went to scope out the location it was covered, as was all of Long Island, in over a foot of snow.  I really didn’t get to explore the intricacies of the property, but I can see that they are there waiting for my return.

“The museum’s magnificent 145-acre property includes restored Formal Gardens of historic importance, an architecturally-significant restored trellis, quiet spots to contemplate the lushly planted gardens, examples of rare tree specimens, marked walking trails and monumental outdoor sculpture sited throughout the property in one of the largest publicly accessible sculpture parks in the Northeast.

The property and the museum are dedicated to the visual arts.  What better place to bring clients for a photo shoot?  After all, part of the NCMA’s mission statement is: “To make art museums and other cultural organizations a destination for diverse audiences of all ages”.

I can’t wait to get back to NCMA with my clients!  But for now, it’s back into the portrait studio until the snow clears.

~ Long Island Fine Art & Portrait Photographer Joanne Henig


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  1. very helpful thank you so muchh!

    December 22, 2011 at 2:01 am

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