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A Lesson In Self Portrait

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It takes a lot to get me in front of the camera.  Like most photographers, I am more comfortable behind the lens directing my subject than being the actual subject.  Unfortunately, I have been in desperate need of a decent headshot of myself for my online and print marketing efforts.

I have a few art exhibits coming up where I need to submit a headshot and a bio.  My website is in need of a proper headshot.  Plus, I have numerous educational and networking websites that also require a good ‘face’.

I grabbed my tripod, my camera and my remote control and got face to face with my lens.  I sat in front of a sunny window to get some side lighting to bring out the contrasts in my face.  I avoided using the flash or soft boxes because I wanted to stay with natural light.  The tripod was critical because I had my shutter speed down to about a 30th of a second, plus I was using a remote shutter release.

It took me a while to stop mugging for the camera and to become a relaxed subject.  I took about 25 images and I kept about  5.  I played around in Photoshop with them.  The results, I think, are pretty good.  If nothing else, better than what I (don’t) have.

Hope you enjoy the end results.

~ Joanne Henig