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I spent the better part of yesterday going through OLD photographs that I took when my camera was brand new.  The early days of my fine art photography career began in Europe, of all places.  I really didn’t know what I was doing, but I wish I did.  I surely missed some really great photo opportunities.

I’ve visited some amazing cities ‘across the pond’.  I’ve been to London, Paris, Vienna, Prague, Rome, Venice, Florence, Palermo, and a bunch of cities in between.  I’d have to say the Prague was a surprise favorite for me, along with a little village in Austria named Melk.  I believe that those two cities were most appealing to me for different reasons.

Prague had a real gritty feel to it.  Even though you could not see the industrial engines at work in Prague, you could feel it through the manner of its hard working people and you could see it through the sooted veil on its famed Charles Bridge.

Melk, on the other hand, is a jewel in the hills of Austria about an hour west of Vienna.  It is home to a beautiful Benedictine abbey.  The village of Melk is quaint and its people are very friendly.  The small village at the foot of the great abbey boasts cobbled street-front shops and small restaurants.

Here are my two favorite photographs from my two favorite cities in Europe.  The first is The Charles Bridge in Prague at dusk.  The second is the village of Melk in Austria.  I hope you enjoy them.

Charles Bridge, Prague

Charles Bridge, Prague

Child of Melk, Austria

Child of Melk, Austria


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